E squared: Food, art & more!!

How to make a duct tape pouch:

1: take your four favorite types of tape.

2: place all your colors in the order you want them and stick them together.

3: put the same color of tape over its color so there is no sticky part showing. Then repeat this step until all the colors are covered.

4: trim off the access tape that’s sticking out.

5: fold in half.

6: cut a color of tape and rip in half.

7: put that ripped tape and make the sides of the pouch.

8: take a new color of tape.

9: fold tape over back and front so there are no sticky edges. Repeat three times or until desired size.

10: take some masking tape and decorate accordingly to seal the pouch.

Then you are finished!!! 😋😋

Drawing an eye:

1: draw curved line with a slash on the end.

2: draw line under it.

3: draw the eye.

4: draw a half circle in upper left corner. Add the pupil.

5: thicken the top and bottom lines.

6: add upper and lower eyelashes.

7: color with as many tones of the color of eye you want. Make sure that you shade dark to light!!

Finished!! 😃😃

Crazy doll hair style…

Step one: make sure doll’s hair is stiff.

Step two: tie doll’s hair in ponytail, make sure it sticks up!

Step three: place hair over head and clip with fancy clip.

How to: crazy doll hair style…

Step one: tie doll’s hair in 2 pigtails

Step two: bring doll’s hair up and tie in middle

Step three: tie last tie at tips of hair